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Port Lympne Safari Park offers a range of luxurious lodges and accommodations that provide guests with a unique and immersive experience. These lodges are designed to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, allowing visitors to stay overnight within the park’s wildlife-rich environment.

  1. The Treehouse Hotel: The Treehouse Hotel offers a magical experience, with luxurious treehouse-style accommodations nestled within the forest canopy. Each treehouse is beautifully designed and equipped with modern amenities, including private balconies or terraces that offer stunning views of the park. Guests can enjoy a peaceful and secluded stay while being surrounded by nature.
  2. Lion Lodge: The Lion Lodge provides an incredible opportunity to stay close to the majestic lions. These spacious lodges are situated right next to the lion enclosure, allowing guests to observe these incredible animals from the comfort and safety of their own private terrace.
  3. Tiger Lodge: The Tiger Lodge offers a similar experience to the Lion Lodge but with a focus on tigers. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the tiger enclosure and observe these magnificent creatures up close. The lodge features stylish interiors, modern amenities, and a private outdoor terrace.
  4. Rhino Lodge: Rhino Lodge offers a unique opportunity to stay in an authentic African-inspired lodge while overlooking the rhino enclosure. The lodges are beautifully designed and provide guests with a comfortable and memorable experience. Guests can watch the rhinos from their private terrace or relax in the cozy interior.
  5. Giraffe Cottage: Giraffe Cottage is a charming and spacious cottage that offers panoramic views of the park and its resident giraffes. Guests can enjoy watching these elegant creatures from the comfort of their own private garden or terrace.

These lodges provide a luxurious and immersive stay, giving guests the chance to connect with wildlife in an unforgettable way. Additionally, staying overnight in the park allows visitors to enjoy early morning and late evening animal sightings when the park is quieter, providing a more intimate safari experience.

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