About Me

Chippy Nutty

My name is Chippy Nutty, the adventurous squirrel who's always on the move! With a rucksack strapped to his tiny frame and a zest for life, Chippy loves nothing more than exploring the world around him.

From the towering mountains of the Rockies to the lush rainforests of South America, Chippy has travelled far and wide, collecting stories and experiences that most squirrels can only dream of. He's scaled steep cliffs, crossed rushing rivers, and even braved the scorching deserts of the Middle East – all in the name of adventure.

But Chippy isn't just a thrill-seeker – he's also a lover of culture and cuisine. He's sampled exotic dishes from every corner of the globe, from spicy street food in Bangkok to decadent desserts in Paris. And with his keen eye for beauty, Nutty has captured some of the world's most stunning landscapes and landmarks in his trusty photo album.

Despite his small size, Chippy has a big heart and a sense of humor that's infectious. He's made friends with fellow travellers and locals alike, and his mischievous antics always keep them laughing. So if you ever spot a little squirrel with a backpack, don't be surprised if it's Chippy – the world's most intrepid rodent!